Hello Kitty & 99 Friends at PIQ

I was SO EXCITED to be asked to create a piece for the Hello Kitty & 99 Friends show opening this weekend at PIQ Products in New York! Of course I am a lifetime Sanrio fan, and I've had tons of favorite characters over the years. When I got to choose my character for the show, I immediately thought of Queenie Lou, the adorable rainbow swan that accompanied the Deery Lou friend characters in the late '90s. I did a papercut for the show, which you can see below!

Here's the show details:






Opening Reception: April 16th, 7pm

A celebration of Hello Kitty and her many companions, featuring original art, custom vinyl, & designer toys from over 100 renowned artists!

All pieces will be available to purchase in store and online starting April 18th. Items will ship after May 1.


Simone Legno • 64 Colors • Noferin • Mab Graves • Frank Kozik • DGPH • Candie Bolton • Bubi Au Yeung • Camilla d'Errico • Carla Wyzgala • becca • Simona Candini • Josh Mayhem • Melissa Contreras • Anke Weckmann • MykoWu • Adolie Day • Peter Kato • Dolly Oblong • Jeremiah Ketner • Mike Lowery • Wren Salazar • Jared Nickerson • Brent Nalasco • Nakanari • Tasha Zimich • Flat Bonnie • Zard Apuya • Sugar Fueled • Hungry Ghost • Jenn & Tony Bot • The Jelly Empire • Mark Nagata • CJ Metzger • Franz Keller • Samuel Guerrero • Elle-Designs • Misha • Lilidoll • Penelope Love Prints • Fair Rosamund • Fly Okay • Team Kitten • SoKo Cat • Kristian Adam • Gemma Correll • Richard Page • 100% Soft • MissHappyPink • PetPet • Naoshi • Yoko d'Holbachie • Jon Paul Kaiser • Podgy Panda • Merry Happy Studios • sugarhai • MJ Hsu • Yumiko Kayukawa • Burn 353 • Mizna Wada • Jay 222 • Kukubee • Vincent Scala • kHyal • Carrie Jardine • Juan Muniz • Mochimochi Land • The Graphix Chick • David Stevenson • Crowded Teeth • Bored INC • Little MADI • Silvia Portella • Rosey Cheekes • Robo Roku • Sharodactyl • Murphypop • Sara Richard • Piktorama • LOULOU & TUMMIE • Javier Jiménez • Okkle • Helena Garcia • Audrey Miller Art • Randall Paints • Crummy Gummy • Bubblefriends • Poked Studio • Jellykoe • Furry Felines Creatives • Horrible Adorables • Mary J. Hoffman • GenkiGoth Studios • Seulgie • DexDexign • Bianca Roman-Stumpff • Mariangela Tan • Melodreama • SaoZen • KiraKiraDoodles • POPprolific • Hammyhaus • Amber Renée

'California Love' at Leanna Lin's Wonderland

I am super late posting this, but I created three original paper cuts for the California Love show at Leanna Lin's Wonderland! I really enjoyed working on this theme! I'm a California native, raised in Los Angeles and now residing in San Francisco, so there's tons of stuff I really love about The Golden State. I knew right away my first piece for the show would be Sea Otters- my all time favorite animal! I also did a piece featuring the California Bear, since it's the BEST animal to have as a state mascot, and my third piece is a burger and taco- California's best foods!

The show runs through April 24th and there's lots of great work by other artists that you can check out on Leanna's online shop here.

"Dreams" at Leanna Lin's Wonderland

I'm a little late posting this, but I am part of a fantastic group show at Leanna Lin's Wonderland! All pieces for this show are cash and carry, and if you can't make it to the shop, you can get them online, ready to ship!

Here's the show details- I still have a couple of pieces available!

Small art, big imaginations!

A cash & carry group holiday art show curated by Leanna Lin

Show runs Nov. 7 - Dec. 24, 2015

Art ships immediately!

New Mythicals from Monster Factory!

Remember the adorable Mythicals plush Kickstarter last year from Monster Factory that resulted in the wonderful mythical beings Carl the Yeti, Jeff the Pegasus, Spencer the Dragon, Margot the Unicorn, Louie the Monster, and Miranda the Sea Monster? Now, there's some new characters being added to this merry band of misfits!

Meet...Paul the Minotaur, Feliz the Cyclops, and Martha the Ghost!

From the Monster Factory press release:

A Minotaur named Paul. Keep an eye on Paul if you go around town with him. He gets lost in malls, parking lots, crowded places… you get the picture

A Cyclops named Felix. Felix would rather suffer the discomfort of not being able to see clearly than have to wear his glasses in public.

A ghost named Martha. Rarely seen during daylight hours, Martha has been a night owl her entire… um… life?

This new squad of magical creatures officially launches on October 26th, but are currently available for pre-order via monsterfactory.net. You can also find and buy the rest of the Mythicals on the site as well!

Deth P. Sun Cat with Dagger

I'm a big fan of the artist Deth P. Sun, so I am really excited about the release of his new vinyl toy in collaboration with FOE Gallery! Cat with dagger is available for pre-order October 9th through Monday October 19th. There is a Classic Gray Unpainted version for $50 and a Classic Gray Painted version for $65- you can find the links for both versions below:

Painted Version pre-order HERE

un-painted pre prder HERE

Hello Greta!

The tokyobunnie blog has been a bit neglected as of late, but it's not without reason! On August 9th, my husband and I welcomed our beautiful daughter, Greta Maeve into the world. Embarking on the adventure of being a new parent is exciting, humbling, and exhausting all rolled into one!

While I hope to continue using this platform to support the artistic community, my posts will inevitably be more sporadic. I will however continue to share as much as I can, and you can also find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, all of which may get updated more regularly since they require less posting time.

Thank you for visiting my blog for the last nine years; I hope it will continue to be a place where you'll find inspiration. Supporting the artists and craftspeople I've blogged about here remains incredibly important to me, even if the energy I'm able to devote to this blog has changed with Greta's arrival.

And now... here's Greta with her amazing custom Ruth Bader Ginsburg kokeshi by Sketch Inc!