Hello Kitty & 99 Friends at PIQ

I was SO EXCITED to be asked to create a piece for the Hello Kitty & 99 Friends show opening this weekend at PIQ Products in New York! Of course I am a lifetime Sanrio fan, and I've had tons of favorite characters over the years. When I got to choose my character for the show, I immediately thought of Queenie Lou, the adorable rainbow swan that accompanied the Deery Lou friend characters in the late '90s. I did a papercut for the show, which you can see below!

Here's the show details:






Opening Reception: April 16th, 7pm

A celebration of Hello Kitty and her many companions, featuring original art, custom vinyl, & designer toys from over 100 renowned artists!

All pieces will be available to purchase in store and online starting April 18th. Items will ship after May 1.


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'California Love' at Leanna Lin's Wonderland

I am super late posting this, but I created three original paper cuts for the California Love show at Leanna Lin's Wonderland! I really enjoyed working on this theme! I'm a California native, raised in Los Angeles and now residing in San Francisco, so there's tons of stuff I really love about The Golden State. I knew right away my first piece for the show would be Sea Otters- my all time favorite animal! I also did a piece featuring the California Bear, since it's the BEST animal to have as a state mascot, and my third piece is a burger and taco- California's best foods!

The show runs through April 24th and there's lots of great work by other artists that you can check out on Leanna's online shop here.