This show was in June, but I wanted to post the cute photos I found anyway. It was at Gallery Lele, which hosts all of the awesome Blythe events in Japan.

Here's a Profile of Tomoto:

Born in the Kumamoto prefecture, Tomoto graduated from Kyoto College of Art
and Design, majoring in design. In 1998, Tomoto started to work freelance
after working for a while in Design Company.

2004 Chosen as a semi-finalist of CWC, Fresh Character Found
2005 4th CWC Chance Ten Finalist (Chosen by CWC Tokyo choice)
2006 Participated Blythe 5th Anniversary Exhibition "Darling Diva"
1 year of serial illustration for "non-no" books section
Chief illustrator for "A wondrous adventure of white rabbit
and black rabbit" by Sanrio "Sugar Bunnies" website


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