FAFI insanity!

Finally, the world is catching on the amazingness of French artist FAFI! I love, love, love her... and even dragged my poor boyfriend all over the streets of France in order to see her grafitti with my own eyes. She has so many projects coming out in the next few months, I can't even keep track. Here are some of my personal favorites!

New Fafi toys by Adfunture! (finally! she designed these 3 years ago!)

Another collaboration with Adidas! (I like this one even better)

Bags with LeSportsac (yup yup... tokidoki and fafi... lesportsac is on a roll!)

The Fafi SmartCar! (only car I would consider trading my Prius for!)


  1. MTV celebrity deathmatch:

    Fafi vs. Miss Van

    Who would win?

  2. oh man, that's a tough one! i think maybe miss van... her girls are tougher!


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