Bored Inc. presents : Stinky Poo!

Our second new line of characters is: Stinky Poo! The poo family consists of Stinky Poo, Cutie Poo, Grumpy Poo, Smarty Poo, Poo-quito, and Party Poo! These characters will be featured on baby onesies and toddler tees, coming in February!

I'm working on a Stinky Poo Myspace page, I'll keep you informed!

Hope you like them!!!! <3


  1. Awesome, like always :)

  2. hehehe poo-power!!!!!!
    lovely kids!
    kisses and hugs!

  3. From one poo lover to another, these are GREAT. I draw poo too, so it's fun to see other people's poo. That's great poo you've got here. I hope every kid is wearing one by 2009!

  4. These are HILARIOUS!

    ...who ever would have thought poo could be so cute?!


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