The Shiny Squirrel

Dear Friend (Caroline Hwang)

The Shiny Squirrel has some really nice new items in stock, especially prints! There's even 2 from Caroline Hwang!

Leaky Head


The Salt Sirens

About to Sail (Caroline Hwang)

Bear Speak

The Velina


  1. I LOVE The Shiny Squirrel store! Funny you put this up - I just added both of you to my blogroll yesterday... Small world!

    I'm actually working on an exclusive 3 print release through The Shiny Squirrel right now. Should be cool!

    I hope all is well with ya. =)

  2. Anonymous6/26/2008

    I really like the style some of this reminds me japan :D

  3. I love the works featured here, very tempting!

  4. That's awesome, Junkyard Sam! I bet your print is going to be great!


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