Allover Candy/Cupcake Boyshorts @ Tilly's

A girl at Comic Con told me she bought my candy & cookies print on underwear- and, I don't make underwear! So I went to tilly's website and lo and behold they are using my artwork without permission!!
Please don't buy these..



  1. Wow, that is really horrible. I hope you rake them over some hot coals.

  2. Yeah, I am pretty bummed out about it. Plus, they manufactured these in China, so now my print is probably all over the market. :(

  3. oh my that sucks. I wish you can sue them... and that site stated imported. i guessed china. they might as well say made in china since everything's techincally 'imported' from there.

  4. wow that REALLY sucks! is there anything you can do?

  5. Anonymous2/19/2010

    so cute ;)


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