New Treeson stuff!

Aside from the articulated 8" Treeson that is being released (see that post, here), Bubi Au Yeung has been hard at work on all kinds of wonderful new Treeson items!

The Treeson mimobot (designer USB Flash drive) is for sale now- it was even featured on the Wired Magazine blog. I haven't been tempted by Mimobots in the past(kinda pricey!), but I may have to snatch this one up.

There's also a new boxed set, complete with a story book (I bet the illustrations in the book are all super cute, just like all of Bubi's stuff) and it comes with a mini treeson with swirly eyes behind his glasses. Of course I'll have to get this set, because the mini treeson with glasses that I have doesn't have the swirly eyes.

Bubi is making my quest to acquire all things Treeson a little expensive!

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