POST #500!!

YAY! I have managed to post 500 times! I wanted to mark this occasion with a monumental blog makeover, but it's taking a bit longer than anticipated- it is coming though!

Thank you so much to everyone who stops by to read this blog. It's a wonderful forum to meet new people and find out about all the great art in the world, and I find it to be amazingly inspirational.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  1. Yay! Here is to another 500 awesome posts!


  2. congrats on your 500th post, i just discovered your blog and love love it !

  3. Congratulations on reaching the 500! Let there be many more to come! Whoohoo!

  4. Anonymous7/19/2008

    CONGRATULATIONS this page is one of the best! thanx for that 500 awesome posts ^^

  5. Whoops! I hit 'reject' on this comment, my mistake!

    Congratulations!!!!, I LOVE your blog, is beautiful and very funny, I check it all days , i hope you can visit my blog and you leave me your opinion, is about art.
    Good Luck!!

  6. Thank you everyone for all of your nice comments! I am so happy you all visit!! XOXO

  7. that's a nice number :D
    keep on doing like this, your blog is sooo beautiful :)


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