So, I am headed to Hawaii (Oahu) for the weekend with my family. Dan got out of it because he is going to puppy sit. I was looking for fun things to do, and was finally really excited because I discovered the Hello Kitty cafe- I had already started envisioning my Hello Kitty shaped pasta dinner and Hello Kitty shaped waffle breakfast- but the cafe closed down. The only ones now are in Asia. BOO!

So now, I am on the hunt for something to do while my family frolics with sea life (I have a fear of swimming with dolphins- weird, I know). If anyone has any ideas they are greatly appreciated!


  1. Hello! Wow I never knew there's a Helly Kitty cafe... and I live in Japan! LOL.

  2. first of all the green tights are WAAAY super cool, and i am so excited to hear that a Hello Kitty Cafe even exists!!!! How cool is that! mmmmm I want some pancakes and ice cream now.

  3. I KNOW! I was so excited at the thought of eating at a Hello Kitty cafe. Oh well, maybe one day I'll make it to the ones still in business!


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