Nagi Noda...

I am so sad to learn that one of my favorite artists from Japan, Nagi Noda, passed away a few weeks ago. Nagi Noda is the creator of the half-panda character Han Panda, and had a vast portfolio of extremely innovative and creative work including music videos, photography, and a clothing collaboration with the painter Mark Ryden.
Reports say she died from complications involving a car accident she had last year which left her with chronic pain. She was dressed in her Mark Ryden Dress, Chanel boots, perfect make up, and Viktor and Rolf black lace eyelashes. Nagi was only 35.

Please spend some time checking out her portfolio and watching her work on You Tube. She truly was an amazing artist and she will be missed.


  1. oh that's so sad, only 35. my thoughts are with her family.

  2. This is so sad. She was so creative and so very young :(


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