We have a lot of toys.

So Dan and I are going to be moving to a new place and we needed to pack up all our toys. We decided it would be fun to put them out on the table to see how many we have before we packed them away. What started as a fun idea we thought would take twenty minutes ended up taking a few hours - everyone kept falling over and then a domino effect would take place and all the toys would go down. Anyway, we managed to get everyone up in place and my goodness! we have a lot of toys!

After this was done and everyone was put away I found 2 more boxes full of toys... but it wasn't fun anymore so I didn't redo it to add them in; maybe next time.


  1. seems like a great parade :D

  2. Wow! You have so many! It must have taken you so long to get a collection that big!

    I hope everyone gets through the move ok and that they all find a suitable home at the other end :)

  3. oh! what a nice collection! love it! :D I would like to see it some day...
    :D but it must be a bit hard to clean up the dust on them... jijijijiijijij

  4. Love your collection! I spot gloomy bear there. I'm pretty sure you'll have the tofu oyako toys also!


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