Yoshitomo Nara + Graf in the UK

One of my favorite artists, Yoshitomo Nara, has several shows up in Japan (Check out the list for those, here) and a large show at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art in the UK. The exhibition will feature a village brought to life with Nara’s iconic characters, turning ordinary life into art.

There were also special products created for this show, and those are available on this website.

Nara's work is absolutely amazing in real life, so if you live in the UK, I encourage you to go see this (and then send me some photos, please!)

This show runs through 10/26 and details can be found here and here.


  1. I would kill to see this! I love Yoshitomo Nara.

  2. I went to see this exhibition on Saturday! It is amazing! Nara has been my favourite contemporary artist for some time now and this is the first time I've actaully had the opportunity to see his work!

    Infact this is the first exhibition in the UK where Nara and Graf have collaborated. We were in Gateshead anyway taking part in the Great North Run, but had we not have been I would have insisted we travel the 260 miles especially!

    I managed to spend a small fortune on Nara merchandise in the shop too!

  3. That's awesome! I am so glad you got to go :)

  4. gosh I wish I could go! He's my favourite artist. I've only seen 2 of his artworks at an exhibition and it was amazing.


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