In Vegas!

Thank you everyone for the well-wishes!!

I've just arrived in Vegas after a grueling 7 1/2 drive. There was an accident that had everyone shutting off their engines and napping- of course since it was en route to vegas, two people puked and I saw multiple cups of pee get tossed out of car windows during the inconvenient freeway stranding.
Tomorrow I'll wake up and build my booth- let's hope the rain doesn't begin until I am done unloading the car!

I'll be home Wednesday- hope everyone had a great Valentine's day weekend! (I got suprised with an amazing night of 'Says You', my favorite radio show- live at the Skirball!)


  1. Anonymous2/16/2009

    Have a great time in Vegas. Sorry to hear about the delay. I love Vegas. I was there over Christmas just gone (when the weather was all weird).

  2. Thanks! The weather was cold and rainy for me- but not too bad!


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