Nothing Elegant Shop Wishlist

There are so many items I want from the NothingElegant Artfire shop that I had to make a wishlist. The items are from Korea and they are awesome.

Item #1 : This is the cutest little portable photo album ever.

Item #2 : I really need a desk organizer- but this one is just too cute. I would fill it up with crap and forget how cute it is underneath.

Item #3 : Bunny Chalkboard - really? Why should a chalkboard ever be rectangular again?

Item #4 : Amazing Striped Masking Tape makes me wanna do some shipping stat.

Item #5 : Bunny post-its! Ooh I am gonna leave sticky notes everywhere!

Don't worry, there's more... check it out here.


  1. OMGAWD! I need those Bunny Post-its!!!!


  2. aghhh i want all this adorable things :D

  3. agghhh i want all this adorable things! :D


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