We are Wedges

I'm a sucker for super cute plush, and I am now smitten with the Wedges! Here's a little wedge-fomation for you :)

Wedges are called wedges because they are wedge shaped, like cheese. There are people wedges and animal wedges. Some of which are more devious than others. Wedges live in silos. More than anything, they enjoy going on adventures.

Wedges are hand-crafted and and made with love by Benita Hsueh in Toronto, Canada.

* Wedges are not actually made of cheese, and should not be eaten. That would be wedgeicide wedgeibalism.

Adopt your wedge here. Befriend a wedge here. Learn more about wedges here and visit the Wedges Etsy shop here!

*Wedge comics are coming soon, too!*

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