Murakami & Louis Vuitton QR Codes

QR Codes (Quick Response) are like bar codes for your mobile phone, developed in Japan. Normally they aren't much to look at, but the folks at SET have taken Murakami's art and developed a QR Code for Louis Vuitton that is totally adorable. I guess when your phone decodes it, it links you to the Japanese Louis Vuitton site. Too cute!

Via: Josh Spear


  1. I think it goes along with that promotion commercial they did a while back :o Cause it was using cell phones too

    Seriously too cute 8D

  2. I loooove this one :D

  3. Great image all the same.

  4. I agree! Did the commercials air in Japan? I wish we had commercials with Murakami art in the US!


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