My Favorites so Far #5 (Last one!)

Favorite Place to see an art show: Giant Robot! They pick the best artists to exhibit, they are friendly, and the art is amazing and affordable. Plus, they sell a great selection of items so it's fun to see the show and shop simultaneously!

Favorite Online Toy Store: Rotofugi! Great selection of toys and good shows too! I'm sure attending their shows is a blast, but I don't live in Chicago :)

Favorite New Print Shop: A Paper Tiger- weekly releases, gorgeous quality, and great artist selections.

Favorite Online Indie Shopping: I can't pick just one! Poketo, Shana Logic, Sick for Cute, Renegade Handmade and Reform School all have amazing products by an array of super talented people.

Favorite Blythe Shop: Sugar Mag Dolly World such cute Blythe clothes & accessories, and really affordable!

Favorite Online Fabric & Craft Supplies: Superbuzzy! It's too dangerous for me to visit this site, I want everything!

Okay, that's it for my favorites. Back to normal posting now :)

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