Skinny Ribs // Marion Hawkes

I've always been a fan of Maz's Flickr photos. She shares my love of Tado, and Apak, and Burgerman, and... I could go on and on here, we have really similar art taste!

I have been so busy coveting her art collection and devising ways to sneak into her house and nab some of those custom Tado's... that I think I neglected to realize that she is an amazing artist too!

Her plush photostream is just beyond words. She took my adoration of vector characters and plushified them! Check them all out here, they are super adorable!

She's also got a really great Etsy shop filled with camera inspired paintings, brooches, and plush. Check that out here.

And, follow her on Twitter... then I'll know when she's headed out of town so I can sneak in and steal her amazing art collection hehehe!

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