My Workspace

Dan and I moved right outside of Downtown Los Angeles last winter, (right by Chinatown) and I realized I never posted pictures of my little nook! The space itself is so gorgeous that I am inspired just being in it. Dan put up all my art along the upstairs wall, and it's like a gallery! I'll have to take better pictures of the art, so you can see my collection- it's maybe grown a little out of hand :)


  1. never miss the sewing machine!!

    (nice space)


  2. I am in love with the shape of this room!!

    How fortunate you are to be able to work in such a lovely space :)

  3. is a very cool space !!! just be missing some of pastel pillows on the small wall.... isn't it ?
    Kiss let's

    PS:excusez moi pour mon anglais

  4. Very neat workspace. I love it. Looks cozy.

  5. Wow! That is one of the prettiest work spaces I've ever seen! :D

  6. Thanks! I'd add pillows... but the dog loves to eat anything she can get her paws on! :)


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