Small Stuff Pepe's Woodsprites


Pepe makes stunning hand-crafted wood toys. I have been following the process of these new woodsprites being made on Instagram, and it has been amazing to watch!

More details on the Woodsprites release:
Being released today! Monday, February 7th
(Central European Time CET - 19:00)

WOODSPRITES - 4" Wood Toys by Pepe
Limited First Edition | 12 Sapele Wood Toys by Pepe

The WOODSPRITES are all handcrafted by Pepe out of Sapele wood. The beautiful graining
of this wood is reminiscent of Mahogany. Each sprite is unique in its shape and wood texture so you will catch here a true one of a kind figure. All WOODSPRITES

• Are crafted out of Maple and Sapele wood
• Have a natural beewax finish
• Have an iron-branding on backside with the artist signature
• Are are individually embossed with series number on the bottom

Available HERE!


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