5 years of Fat Rabbit Farm Celebration at Sweet Breams


This weekend marks the 5th Anniversary of Fat Rabbit Farm, and to celebrate, Jason & Patty are heading to Sweet Breams in San Mateo! They'll have limited edition merch, giveaway goodie bags and special artwork.

Saturday, September 24 · 1:00pm - 4:00pm
Fat Rabbit Farm's Pop up Shop & Art Show
Join us as we celebrate our 5 year Anniversary!
Meet the creators & designers Jason Ponggasam & Patty Variboa!
> Free Taiyaki Sundae & Free goodie bags(58.00 value) to thefirst 25 people (with FRF purchase of 68.00 or more).
> Free Taiyaki Sundae to the first 50 people with FRF purchase of 45.00 or more.
> 5 year Anniversary Limited Edition apparel & accessories
> Exclusive FRF x Sweet Breams collab tees
> Limited Edition art prints & canvas prints

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