Greg Abbott

 photo 2686457_3614002_b_zps095d5753.jpg

Greg Abbott has a great selection of artwork in his Society 6 shop... you know I can't resist a cute monster!

 photo 2686208_8515770_b_zps0f340d25.jpg

 photo 2686161_6137035_b_zps473b2f9f.jpg

 photo 2686288_15899617_b_zps3315d308.jpg

 photo 2909144_12900784_b_zpsdd5c38e0.jpg

 photo 3110581_12423545_b_zps28be6212.jpg

 photo 4436323_14160166_b_zpsce524a54.jpg

 photo 4280448_7769740_b_zpsd0bb566e.jpg photo 4596359_11681059_b_zpsce048fd9.jpg

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