Andrea Kang x Peter Kato "Bedtime Bunnies"

I am a huge fan of Andrea Kang's adorable work, and I am super excited about her upcoming collaboration with Peter Kato, The Bedtime Bunnies, which will go up for sale on August 14th!

Release Info: Andrea Kang x Peter Kato Bedtime Bunnies available Thursday August 14th 9pm eastern at . There will be 10 individually hand painted designs by Andrea Kang on the blank bunnies. Each figure will be $50 and will come packaged in a screen printed box.


Bedtime Bunnies: were inspired by the works of artists who had these dreamlike qualities with their magical animals and color palettes. Artists like Apak and Andrea Kang (especially) have been instrumental in this inspiration.

Bedtime Bunnies Blank Artist Series: Were specifically created to be able to approach those artists for collaborations. I thought instead of having these artists just paint over an existing bunnie sculpt why not provide them with a canvas that their art can really bring to life. So to make a more appropriate canvas figure, I kept the basic form of the original and made a few adjustments. I lowered the arms on its body to eliminate the sleepwalking behavior and left the faces blank so that the artists could truly make an original design. I felt that these different illustrators (Andrea Kang first) would be able to interpret the figure in an interesting way.

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