Peter Kato's Bedtime Bunnies Holiday Release

A couple weeks back I posted about Peter Kato's super-cute Bedtime Bunnies, and that release sold out SUPER fast! (I was lucky enough to pick up one of the adorable Sleeptime Bunnies (the chase colorway nonetheless!) and I was really impressed with the perfect cast and color of my figure!) Peter has a new release of bunnies, perfect for the holidays, with an attached eye-hook so they can function as ornaments! There's even PINK ones and POLKADOT ones! Squeeee!

Here's all the details for the upcoming release, plus some info on an additional release by Peter's apprentice, Kevin:


Holiday Batch:

Bedtime Bunnies Ornaments : new sculpted piece sized at 2.25 inches, with a loop-screw on its head with a metallic wire ornament hook. Will come blind assorted in white or pink priced at $20 each. There are 20 pcs stock. This newest edition to the Bedtime Bunnies line will be open to become danglers & keychain figures in the future.

Sleeptime Bunnies Holiday colors: will be blind box assorted ( whites & greens with metallic blue highlights and reds & pinks with pink painted highlights ) There are 35 pcs stock.

Bedtime Bunnies Holiday Poka Dots: will be blind assorted ( reds, pinks, greens, clear purple with white painted poke dots ) Medium sized 3 inch bunnies will be $20 each ( 10 in stock ) Small 2.5 inch bunnies will be $12 each (20 in stock )

And finally something completely new and different. Last year I took on an apprenticeship in Kevin Nam @koudaicarnival(instagram) for about 7 months. He came to me with no sculpting, no resin casting , really no studio work experience at all. He was only asking for an internship but i thought is it possible to teach someone with no experience no knowledge easier and faster , all that i learned over my years in this field? So i taught him everything i could, hand sculpting, mold making, resin casting, dremel tools, airbrushing, all i knew when it came to indie toy making. After 7 months i asked him to be on his own and make something original & come back to me to show me if he could apply what he had been taught. About 3 months later Kevin showed me his Big Top ( a rock/scissor/paper spinning top resin robot ) all hand sculpted, resin casted all by kevin himself. I taught him how to sculpt, mold and cast but i never could have taught him this totally unique “playable” concept, that is something that came from Kevin alone. I was so proud I wanted to introduce him to the indie toy community he so loves & admires by selling his first original figure on my website with the holiday batch. The figure is a chunky 2.5 x 2.5 and 2.5 high spinning robot. When the robot stops spinning the hand that is facing up is the rock/scissor or paper choice! So it can be played between two people with two Big Tops or by yourself ( you can play against it ). Each figure will be sold at $30 each, will come in a choice of green( 5 stock ) red( 5 stock ) or marbled red/white/green ( 2 stock ). Each figure also comes with its own clear base so that the robot can be displayed upright. All the sales will go to Kevin so i hope many out there will support his first adventure into the indie toy scene. Everyone deserves a chance. Please check out his instagram account @koudaicarnival and watch a video of the Big Top in action.

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