Hello Greta!

The tokyobunnie blog has been a bit neglected as of late, but it's not without reason! On August 9th, my husband and I welcomed our beautiful daughter, Greta Maeve into the world. Embarking on the adventure of being a new parent is exciting, humbling, and exhausting all rolled into one!

While I hope to continue using this platform to support the artistic community, my posts will inevitably be more sporadic. I will however continue to share as much as I can, and you can also find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, all of which may get updated more regularly since they require less posting time.

Thank you for visiting my blog for the last nine years; I hope it will continue to be a place where you'll find inspiration. Supporting the artists and craftspeople I've blogged about here remains incredibly important to me, even if the energy I'm able to devote to this blog has changed with Greta's arrival.

And now... here's Greta with her amazing custom Ruth Bader Ginsburg kokeshi by Sketch Inc!


  1. Omigosh what a little cutie��congratulations on your precious little baby girl. Little girl clothes is soooo much cuter than little boys��

  2. OMIGOSH what a cutie! Congratulations on your precious little girl😊little girl clothes are way cuter than boys😕 i have boys😁


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