Junko Mizuno "Kappa" at Moshi Moshi!!!

I really wish I could attend tomorrow's opening of Junko Mizuno's new show "Kappa" at Moshi Moshi in Portland!
I have loved Junko's art for years now, and have met her several times in person. She is absolutely adorable and it's hard to imagine how anyone so darling can think up such a theme as "Kappa" or think up some of the things in those amazing (yet a little distrubing sometimes) books of hers. If you can't make out the full meaning of "Kappa" on the postcard above, here it is:

What is "Kappa" ?
"Kappa" are water sprites in Japanese folklore, often depicted as tortoise-like humanoids with green skin,
beaked faces and shells on their backs. A cavity on the top of their heads is filled with water and is said to
be their vulnerable spot - when it's dry, they lose their energy and power. Kappa appear in a lot of
Japanese comics, animation, TV commercials, etc. They are loved by people as a cute character despite
the fact that they are rumored to drag humans into the water and pull out their guts through their anuses.

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