Threadless Select

The tees have always been great over at Threadless, where you can submit a design and peeps vote on whether or not it should be made. Now they have a new line, called Threadless Select, where they invite established as well as up-and-coming artists to design a tee. The selection is pretty great, especially because of the involvement of artists like PCP and Hello Brute. I know there's a lot of artist tees out there, but Threadless really is where all this began, and they are still making some pretty kick ass tees.

by Tiffany Malakooti

Rock the Frog by Heisuke Kitazawa (PCP)

Beaver Circus Spectacular by Jon Burgerman

Our Secret Tuesdays by Anke Weckmann

Bedtime Stories by Philip Tseng

Brat Party by Jon Knox Griffin (Hello Brute)

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