Junko Mizuno 4 Judith Lacroix

Junko Mizuno has designed a line of t-shirts in collaboration with Judith Lacroix, a Paris based fashion designer. You can purchase the tees online, here.

Junko had a line of tees with the company Fine awhile back, and I still have one of them- her work is just so amazing, I am happy to see it being put out there more often!


  1. I saw this on my trip in Paris last week and was really excited about them - I liked the pairing of junkos art with French. (the shirts were really nice too - heavy weight cotton and quality print) I was sad not to buy one so I'm glad that they are available online! Whee!

  2. Cool! I am glad to hear they are nice in person, especially since they are kinda pricey. I thought her art looked neat with the French, too!


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