The Glass House Swapmeet sucked.

So, if you went to the Glass House swap meet this weekend, you probably agree- it was NOT worth the drive. It opened at 10, so I left Hollywood at 9, got to Pomona about 9:45 and waited (and waited and waited and waited) in the hot sun until I finally got in around 10:50. The line was super long, but I figured that it would be worth the wait once I got inside. WRONG!
Not only did they not even turn on the lights all the way (?) but the vendors were not great and the stuff they brought was pretty much all the leftover crap they couldn't sell in their stores. The so-called "Paul Frank" booth was really just a card table with some past season sunglasses. The Japan LA booth was probably the truest to an actual store experience, but it was mostly all TokiDoki and I wasn't looking for any of that.

Now let's talk about the Kid Robot booth. Excuse me, the Kid Robot small little dirty room with clothing strewn all over the floor. As I said, I waited about an hour to get into the venue- and then once inside there was a second line to get into the Kid Robot area. I should have known- it's their shtick to make you wait in lines to even get close to buying anything from them. Then they had a rude sign posted that listed their prices, and said "Cash Only, No Bitching". What a nice way to talk to the people who had to stand in 2 lines to give you their money! The hoodies and tees they brought were cheap- but they were so ugly, and they only had about 3 styles left once I got in there. Everyone was rude and yelling directions at the customers, so I left without even buying anything. Screw you Kid Robot- you make some cute stuff, but you treat your customers like crap!

The trip was not entirely in vain- I got a Bwana Spoons "Edward the Alligator" for only $10.

All in all, this is NOT an event I would ever go to again. This probably goes for most any event headed up by Kid Robot from now on...


  1. I love your blog! I haven't been in a while! Too bad about the swapmeet.
    Hey, do you Poupee Girl?
    careful its addictive!
    I love Shirokiya too,always a highlight of any Hawaiian vacation,I blogged about it too!

  2. Hilarious. I love you blog. Thanks for keeping it real. I feel like a wanker saying that, but it's true. It's great to see people saying what they actually think, there's too much gushing in blog land!

  3. Hah, well, I tried not to vent about it, but I was mad! Thank you for visiting :)


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