I previously posted the work of an illustrator named Silvia, who I discovered on Flickr. She goes by Bukubuku - here is her reason why:

Bukubuku is a Japanese word used to describe the sound water makes while falling, drop by drop, quiet and sweet... As long as we´re all made out of it, and surrounded by it, as long as water brings life, Bukubuku is for me like "The sound of life!"

Her new work is just so adorable that I can't resist posting about her again! I found these new pieces on her website, and she also posts on her blog and her Flickr, and sells some darling little things in her DaWanda shop.


  1. oooooh so cute. love love love it!

  2. I fall in luv with her cute artworks! She's very detail person. Love the stripes and texture. Please update more. I like ur blog.


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