826LA & Poketo

This is one of the coolest collaborations I have ever come across.

826 National is an amazing program that encourages children to write, gets them excited about literature, and even publishes their work in a quarterly review. It was co-founded by one of my favorite authors, Dave Eggers, and has grown to inhabit seven cities across the nation.

826LA has teamed up with Poketo to release a series of wallets that have art on the outside and wonderful stories written by the kids of 826LA on the inside. 826LA held a workshop entitled "When wallets eat words" and the kids created short stories to line Poketo wallets. Poketo's amazing team of artists then illustrated the stories for the outside.

The artists involved in this project include Tim Biskup, Esther Pearl Watson, Mark Todd, Martha Rich, John Pham, Rama Hughes, Christine Castro, Leah Chun, Chris Bettig, and Keith Knueven.

Your purchase of this wallet will support current and future 826LA programming. Wallets can be purchased a Poketo or at 826LA.

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