Ryan McGinness : Aesthetic Comfort

I've always been a fan of Ryan McGinness' work- especially the vector graphic pieces. He has a new show, at the Cincinnati Art Museum, opening tomorrow.

Ryan McGinness: Aesthetic Comfort
October 25, 2008 - February 15, 2009

From the press release:

Born in Virginia Beach, Ryan McGinness draws upon his skate punk past to develop a fresh graphic vocabulary that blurs the boundaries between high art and commercial graphics. In Aesthetic Comfort, his most recent project, McGinness presents paintings that layer his own individually developed logos over delicate wall vinyl designs in a black-lit environment. Over the last few years he has included more non-traditional pigments into his work include pearlescent, metallic, and now fluorescents. The nuances of these colors create a specific experience for the viewer, one that cannot be replicated in reproductions in publications or on the internet. In addition to his graphic aesthetic, McGinness is known for creating all-encompassing environments, usually saturated with his hybrid art-commercial branding. Advancing this idea in Aesthetic Comfort, McGinness floods the exhibition with black lights to heighten the distinctive experience of the gallery space and the work. This is one exhibition that was made to be seen first hand; don’t miss it.

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