A Panda and Amanda

I love this toy!

A Panda and Amanda was designed by Siu Hak, produced by How2workToys, and is available through ArToyz in Paris (ArToyz is amazing and has free International shipping though November 30th!)


  1. Dangit. I love toys so much!
    WTF do you do?? It's like, you get obsessed with these things ( my biggest vice, well obviously besides shoes, is Blythe dolls ) and you start to collect them and then you're that grown up with all the toys.

    So strange.

  2. Yes, I am that person. I have way too many toys- just think of them as art!

  3. This is looking decidedly like Totoro...hmmm. Do you see it too?

  4. I see it! I think it's the large, chubby character and the fact that he is holding an umbrella for a little girl... you're totally right! (Maybe that's why I was drawn to it in the first place)


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