Takashi Murakami @ Art Basel & New Hollywood Animation Studio!

Takashi Murakami created some plush versions of his iconic flower spheres for Art Basel in Miami, and also recently announced plans to open a KaiKai Kiki animation studio in Hollywood!

I am loving the costume he made for himself out of the flowers (check out his green "stem" tights!). I'd also like to be the first to apply for a job at the KaiKai Kiki animation studio opening up in Hollywood next Summer! If you were lucky enough to attend the ©Murakami shows in LA or Brooklyn, you probably saw the teaser for Murakami's Kai Kai & Kiki character's full length animated film. It had a taste of some of the Miyazaki backgrounds, and Murakami cites him as an influence. I am SO excited to see what amazing projects come out of his new studio!

Via: Supertouch & Hypebeast


  1. I want to hug those spheres.

  2. whoa! thanks for letting me know! i sooooo want to work there!


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