Enable Japanese Emojis on your iPhone!!

Hi everyone, Daniel here (Courtney's BF). We were poking around on our iPhone's last night, and came across something too cool not to share - JAPANESE EMOJIS!!

After running across the simple trick to enable them, we unleashed a fury of cute poo-with-eyeballs and koala-laden text messages back and forth until the wee hours of the night.

Follow the instructions after the jump to learn how to enable them yourself!

Enabling the wonderful collection of adorable emoticons is easy, and cheap (just 99 cents)!

1. Browse to the App Store, and download Gary Fung's Typing Genius App

2. Once downloaded, go into the iPhone's Settings > General > Keyboard > International Keyboards > Japanese and turn the Emoji switch to 'on.'

3. You're done! When sending a text message or email, press the world icon on the keyboard to browse the collection of uniquely adorable Emoji (my favorite is the poo w/face!)


  1. I've downloaded the app, but the Emoji keyboard is not available to enable. *Sadface*

  2. Yay! It worked... well at first Emoji wasn't available but after I opened the app it was!

  3. Hi blackberrycrafts! It looks like Barbie (above) had to open the Typing Genius app before the Enable Emoji switch appeared in her iPhone settings.

    You might try to again after opening the app? Post back here if you still have trouble...

  4. All I do is spend all day texting cute images to everyone I know... this is too addicting!


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