Chet and Dot

I started looking through the handmade items in the Chet and Dot Etsy store, and I just kept getting more and more impressed. Aside from the initial little felted animals and crocheted jellybeans that brought me to the store, there's also an amazing selection of embroidered illustrations, prints, beautifully sewn (with perfect fabric mixtures) zipper pouches and pin cushions, felted floral brooches, crocheted baby slippers and coffee cup cozies- I could keep going. And all of the items maintain a perfect design sensibility that's never over the top and always manages to look just simple. lovely and sweet. See more items and a link to the Chet and Dot blog after the jump.

Chet and Dot Etsy store
Chet and Dot Blog

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  1. I totally love chet and dot, i think they are also the brains behind robot candy - another super fun line out of portland, or.


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