Fifi Lapin + LeSportsac Paper Dolls

I stopped in LeSportsac with Dan last weekend to take a first hand look at the new Fifi Lapin line. I was super excited when I heard about this collaboration and I have been wanting to see the bags in person.

To be honest, I wasn't so smitten with the silhouettes that were chosen for the line. A lot of them looked a little too much like lunchboxes or diaper bags. They also have huge plastic zippers which just didn't seem to fit the Fifi Lapin aesthetic to me.

However! The catalog they were giving out for the line was incredible! It's filled with Fifi paper dolls! How fun! It's so adorable I photographed most all the pages to show you- see them all after the jump!

Fifi Lapin Blog

Fifi Lapin + LeSportsac

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  1. I was thrilled to see this. Bloggers hitting the big time!


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