Thomas Han looking a little like Miss Van?

I don't usually post about things like this, but I am such a huge Miss Van fan that I wanted to bring it up and see what you guys thought. The new flyer for Thomas Han's show at Corey Helford Gallery instantly reminded me of Miss Van. There are several aspects that are reminiscent- the wolf cloak headress, the spear, the pierced stomach- it's definitely a different style than Miss Van but thematically it's a little similar! What do you think?

Please know what I am myself a Thomas Han fan, and I in no way intended for this post to be cause any offense. I simply noticed similarities and decided to mention it. I completely understand that we as artists are inspired and influenced by other artists- of course we are! I wouldn't have this blog if I wasn't inspired by others every single day. I simply wanted to point out that there were several thematic differences between the flyer promoting this show and the paintings of Miss Van.


  1. Honey Girl3/10/2009

    I myself am a HUGE Miss Van fan and as soon as I saw that flyer, I though it was some sort of collaboration with her involved. Freakin' weird!

  2. honey girl3/10/2009

    Yeah if I didn't know any better...

    P.S. this is totally off subject, but how come you're not on twitter???

  3. before i clicked on your post through my RS feed i def thought it was a Miss Van image. whoa-zah!

  4. That's definitely very similar!

  5. Anonymous4/14/2009

    It is similar, but yet different, my question now would be, would you accuse the person who designed the magazine cover of copying miss Van? Because I think it would be wrong to do that.

    There are many artists who's illustrations have some similarity and they like each others art because they they can tell that that person would similar interests and maybe even meanings as them.

    what do you say?

  6. Anonymous4/18/2009

    You look at art all the time You must have encountered at least like 10 different artist that draw girls with bunny ears or dear ears. And if you look at photography, there are TOO MANY peopel who have the same thing as Miss Van going on. Further more, Thmoas Han and miss Van are friends.

    If you like someone's art and are an artist yourself, you must have similar interest and or ideas, no?

  7. Anonymous4/18/2009

    i wasn't even looking. It's an art that is everywhere. Rabbits, foxes, owls, and deers. They just derive and inspire aspiring artists, they're like a faerie tale without words.

  8. Anonymous7/15/2009

    among many others faffi, vannessa, miss kat ect... I too have made art very simular to miss vans, I think if art has touched you deeply it sticks and you take somthing from it for yourself, you use it as a letter in your alphebet of your artistic language you keep adding letters untill you find your own language. I have friends who also inspire me like this. I also have friends who i see have been inspired by me i see simularitys in there work too, im hope im a bigger person to be flatterd and not hold a grudge.

  9. Anonymous3/03/2011

    you can see small resemblance but it's not an exact copy


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