Yan Wei : Kokomoo

I sometimes have trouble reading Japanese graphic novels. I usually love the intense illustration work but I have a weak stomach and I don't like to put images in my head that I'll never be able to get out again. I was a bit hesitant to venture into the realm of Yan Wei's work, but I am glad I did! The imagery is more wonderfully inventive than grotesque, and I love her sense of humor. The girls she draws are admittedly slightly disturbing, but so well done and so creative that she's become one of my new favorite discoveries. See more images after the jump, or on her website or blog.

Kokomoo Website
Kokomoo Blog


  1. this illustrations are great!

  2. so cool, i love the linework. there is something about these, that i can't quite put my finger on, that remind of me suehiro maruo's work (but not nearly as gruesome!)...it is definitely on that level of bizarre!

  3. i am SO happy you posted this - devin has been trying to get me more interested in graphic novels, but i avoid them for the same reasons as you. got to go find this one!


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