Yoko d'Holbachie

Do you remember the weird Lisa Frank products from the eighties? Rainbow images of tiger cubs playing with unicorns and dolphins swimming in space? The work of Yoko d'Holbachie is like a Japanese version of Lisa Frank on acid. It's amazing to look at- creatures that are intricate and inviting but also slightly creepy- and if you look at the work for too long, your brain starts to go into creative overdrive and the paintings start to make you feel like you're either going to float out of your chair and into a technicolor Alice in Wonderland monsterscape or just get dizzy and have to rest your eyes for awhile while you convince yourself that rainbow colored spiders with blythe doll eyes and come hither eyelashes are not going to emerge from the floorboards. She has some prints available on her website, and a piece in the current Hi Fructose show 'Overdose' at Copro Nason.


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