Tado Birthday Cards!

I went shopping for a friends birthday this weekend and I was super excited to find a set of Tado Birthday cards! Published by 1973 in England, the cards are really nice quality, printed on recylced pulp and well... too cute to giveaway... if there hadn't been two designs with duplicates in the set he would never have gotten one. They are adorable! I wonder if it would be weird to frame birthday cards?


  1. oh! these cards are so adorable!
    and i have to say that you do so good work here with this blog!
    I read this almost everyday
    kisses from Poland:)

  2. Thank you so much, that is so sweet! I am so glad you enjoy my blog!!


  3. i just love your blog!
    All the artist you show are really a true inspiration.
    Thanks for showing them,and great work whit the blog!

    kisses, and i'll keep on visiting you!



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