Junko Mizuno x My Little Pony

This October, the Junko Mizuno designer My Little Pony will go on sale. I can't wait! I saw the original at SDCC last year and it was gorgeous.

Funny enough, Junko originally painted a full bodied girl with flowers on her boobies... and the mass reproduced version has cropped the girl down to just her head. Awww come on Hasbro...

I wonder if they will also be manufacturing the ones by Tado and Catalina Estrada? I hope so!

I feel like my childhood toy collection has just melded together with my adult toy collection.


  1. This is so rad I can barely stand it. I love it!

  2. I'm really excited to add this one to my collection. So amazing.

  3. love this combination both are amazing! so cute!!


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