More Simone Legno @ Target (& Paul Frank too)

But wait, there's more! A second trip to a larger Target led me to the Simone Legno back to school section. It's full of binders, book covers, highlighters, pencils- anything you need in the way of school supplies.

Also appearing at your neighborhood Target? Paul Frank! Again, only in the girl's section (come on Target - women wear cute graphics too!) and it's a limited selection, but I tried a hoodie on and it's as nice as the PF Hoodies I've bought in their stores (for half the price). Check online for a better selection of PF stuff.

Target's on a roll... do I see 'Gwen Stefani' for Target coming soon?


  1. OMG!!! i saw that they had the paul frank for babies with the rain gear but not the stuff you showed....
    AND its weird that i never heard/read about it before!
    more paul frank at target please.

  2. Dear Simone, whoever convinced you to include a headshot in the product displays should be fired. Just an FYI. K, thanks. Bye.

  3. I'm a first timer to your blog, which I like very much, where is this wonderful target located? I'm very very excited to find this out!

  4. This is not fair. I wish we had target in Canada! :(

    I wish I could go back to school too hehehhe

  5. I purchased some of the school products and the eco-friendly tote, which can be converted into a little hand clutch sorta thing. Hopefully he brings out some new characters as well because these are not AS cute as tokidoki ones. I guess he still wants us to pay 100s for the real deal


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