Pinkghost Artist Chubby Books Series

Pinkghost gallery in Florida hosts some really great shows, and they have a terrific selection of vinyl toys and artist goods.

They've collaborated with 3 of my favorite artists, 64 Colors, Julie West, and Helena Garcia to create a line of super adorable rounded color sketchbooks called Artist Chubby Books.

Artist Chubby Books are 250 page Hardcover books including 10 artist designed postcards, 100 lined pages and 150 sketch pages.

It's a perfect combo- super amazing selection of postcards that will be too cute to send away, blank AND lined paper! It's my ideal sketchbook!

Now the only problem is choosing one- I want all 3!

The Chubby Books will be released on Saturday, September 5th online and in the Pink Ghost store.


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