Windows 7 Wallpapers

Katharina Leuzinger

I'm an Apple girl, and have never even owned a PC. When Dan asked to install Windows 7 on our mac, I cringed. Now, having used it a bit, I have to admit it is easier to use than previous versions, but what really caught my attention was the selection of artist wallpapers! Amazing! Not only did I discover new artists that I'm really liking, but it also comes with a design by the LA based duo Nanospore!

Yuko Kondo



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  1. Ayep ^__^

    Been using the Win7 beta for a while now and that Nanospore background is mt favorite. It's too bad the OS has way too many compatibility issues with many apps I use and there are too many other nitpicks I have with it because it's a nice OS overall and was a pleasant surprise!


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