Cute Calendars & Planners for 2010

Madame Spongecake asked me for some kawaii calendar suggestions. Once I got started picking out my favorites, I decided this would be a great post, so here are my favorite 2010 calendar and planner options, enjoy!

Maluhia's Esty shop
has a huge assortment of darling day planners covered in kawaii fabric. These pink pandas were my easy favorite.

I'm totally smitten with this 'I love you more than...' printable calendar (it's only $5!) in Typewink's Etsy Shop.

This one is perfect for your desk- a PVC pad that you can fill in and then change each month. The graphics are darling. Sunday Afternoon Calendar Big Schedule Pad in Nothing Elegant's Etsy Shop.

The graphics inside the 2010 Dreaming Diary are just as cute as the ones on the cover. Available in the Kawaii Gift Shop Etsy Shop.

The Kawaii Gift Etsy Shop has this darling Matryoshka Desktop Scheduler.

Shop Kawaii is a great place to find San-X calendars. Here's a couple favorites:

San-X Rilakkuma 2010 Die-Cut Calendar: Relax Bear

2010 Monthly Planner: Crux Story of Children: Little Red Ridding Hood


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