Miss Van : She Wolves

It's with a slight pain in my heart that I post this. Miss Van is my favorite artist- her work always inspires me and is so gorgeous in person it's hard to put into words. Her new show, She Wolves, opens this Saturday at Merry Karnowsky in Los Angeles. My hometown! But alas, I cannot attend the opening, and I am so sad! While I've been fortunate enough to see many Miss Van exhibits in person, I've always managed to miss the opening receptions and have never been able to meet her.

If anyone does go to the opening, please let me know how it is! I will be so grateful (and a little jealous!)



  1. Anonymous2/03/2010

    luv miss van!!!

  2. i live in france so i won't be able to come :(
    you are lucky (even if you miss the opening!) i LOVE miss van's exhibitions, i am so excited everytime i go to one ^^


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