An unfortunate story about Cerasoli-LeBasse

*I am adding this note to my post:
This is my interpretation of events that transpired, based on what I have read and been told about why an artist was not paid for their work, which may be a one sided argument. I offer all parties an open forum to post their rebuttal to the argument and welcome an open dialogue to ensue about this event.

I write this blog because I care passionately about helping others promote their work, and about helping others find out about new artists whose work inspires them. I put a lot of effort into trying to find up-and-coming artists whose work needs more exposure and promotion. I do it because I love art, it inspires me everyday, and I want to share my love of art with others.

So when I read about things like this, it makes me angry, and so sad that galleries and gallery owners- those whose primary job is that of promoting artists- would take advantage of and rip them off instead.

An artist whose work I love, Jennifer Davis, has had some nasty dealings with a gallery that is now closed, Cerasoli-LeBasse. From what I understand, Cerasoli-LeBasse split up and the owners formed their own galleries- Cerasoli Gallery and LeBasse Projects. The previous Cerasoli-LeBasse website now redirects to LeBasse Projects.
Jennifer sold two pieces of work through Cerasoli-LeBasse and amidst their split was never compensated. You can read more about this on her post, here.

To do this to an artist just because you can- just because they might not have the means to fight back, is completely unacceptable. I am posting this because I will no longer help promote any galleries who behave this way. It's not fair, and it's not right.

Gallery owners, you're only as good as the artists you show. They should never have to worry about not being compensated for work that has sold.

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  1. You are so awesome. Thank you for sticking up for artists!


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