DGPH's 'Space Cadet Topo' Needs Your Help!

Help support DGPH make their book a reality! Based on the amount of your dontation, you'll receive awesome prizes- and you'll help TOPO Space Cadet make it to printing!

Details below:
Topo is a fun character in search of excitement! Help us create his stellar storybook Space Cadet Topo!

We’re Diego and Andres Vaisberg and Martin Lowenstein. Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, we founded our design team DGPH and created our mascot Topo (Spanish for “mole”). We have put Topo in many places: gallery show paintings, limited edition vinyl toys, socks, stickers, and T-shirts. He got a mustache and hairpiece, became a robot, and starred in our online game Molestown (www.molestown.com). Always Topo makes people happy!

Last year we created our first comic book Topo: Amazing Adventures. Naturally our fans asked us, "When will Topo be in a storybook?" This good question got us thinking...

So, that’s the next step…and you can help fulfill our dream to see Topo’s greatest journey in print: he is a brave astronaut who must save the day after the sun turned off! Now Topo's mission is to travel to the "Last Planet" in the galaxy and retrieve the legendary Galactic Torch. Can he return in time to relight the sun before everything freezes forever? Find out with us! The hardcover book (dust jacket, 9.5” x 10", 40 pages) will be ideal for kids, parents, and comics and illustration lovers, and hopefully a launching pad for an animated film :)

Your donations will help produce 3,000 copies (design, print, ship, import) and spread the word about Topo from the web to schools and libraries. We have partnered with the fan-friendly American publisher Immedium - www.immedium.com. But due to our unique agreement we need to fund the book’s manufacturing to make it actually happen. Plus you’ll provide us the time necessary to perfect Topo’s excellent adventure. We're full-time freelancers and would appreciate the ability to focus 100% on making a completely colorful universe. Then we hope to share the new book with you by October 2010 along with many cool rewards!


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